AES H2S Neutralizer

Activated Environmental Solutions Inc. (AES) is a global leader in the production and distribution of a unique H2S Neutralizer that can be applied Full Strength, Diluted in Water, Steam or Methanol. AES H2S Neutralizer is a cost effective, user friendly H2S Neutralizer for use in liquids, gasses, tank atmospheres, pipelines, flow liners, storage tanks, tank trucks, vacuum trucks and geological formations. Visit our "AES H2S Neutralizer" page for more details.

A Unique Scavenger That Can Be Used With Steam!

AES H2S Neutralizer products are non-toxic and are environmentally safe:

  • No Flash point and a freeze point in excess of minus 40° Celsius
  • Biodegradable, fast acting and has virtually no odor
  • Cost effective and extremely efficient H2S neutralizer
  • Can be diluted with water, methanol, glycols or mixtures of same
  • Contains NO formaldehyde
  • Does not break down when used in steam applications
  • Temperature tested in lab at 410° F, at 60 PSI for 16 hours and showed no signs of degradation or solid precipitates forming

AES H2S Neutralizer products are U.S. patented