AES H2S Neutralizer Applications

1) Vacuum Trucks: Tilt tank on a 45 degree angle and load 1 t0 2 cubic meters of water add 1 or 2 twenty liter pails of AES H2S Neutralizer to water depending on sourness of product being vacuumed up. Check vacuum air line for H2S and proceed with clean up if the air is negative for H2S. If H2S is present an H2S scrubber may have to be connected to the dispatch air line.

2) Tanker Trucks: AES H2S Neutralizer can be added to an empty Tank truck before loading sour fluid and effectively Neutralize the H2S reroute to destination. The required loaded residence time will usually range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

3) Down Hole: AES Neutralizer can be dripped or injected down the casing and neutralize the H2S before being pumped up the tubing. The procedure followed is to shut the well in for 24 to 48 hours. First pump extra AES Neutralizer down the casing to overdose the fluid present down hole; then proceed to pump the determined amount of Neutralizer needed on an hourly basis over 24 hour period. Sometimes this procedure will require a trial and error period but is very effective when set. AES H2S Neutralizer has a minus 40 freeze point and is ideal for isolated low production wells turning sour.

4) Drill Fluid Additive: AES Neutralizer can be added to drill fluids as a safety product that will react instantaneously with unsuspected H2S. AES H2S Neutralizer has been shown not to negatively affect drill fluids and helps to maintain a higher PH. AES H2S Neutralizer is a liquid with a very low freeze point and can be added quickly in emergency situations. AES Neutralizer will protect pipe and tools against the corrosive effect of H2S.

5) Service Rig Kill Fluids: AES H2S Neutralizer can be added to Kill Fluids to help protect workers, and or equipment and can be moved from location to location. This type of fluid can also be used for sour well abandonments.

6) Frac Water Flow Back: AES H2S Neutralizer can be direct injected into frac water flow back streams, neutralizing the H2S and return down hole keeping the whole closed loop H2S free. This was recently accomplished for a major oil company who said they would use our product and technology regularly. Injection equipment is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

7) Direct Injection at the Well Head into High Flow and High Pressure, production lines or Pipelines of Oil, Gas or Combinations thereof reduces H2S to required levels. AES H2S Neutralizer can be injected at 3500 PSI, at varying flow rates, incorporating pulsation dampeners for an even effective injection rate with patent pending chemical and patent pending injection equipment.

8) Steam Makeup Water for Tank, Vessel and Truck Decontamination: Trucks, tanks or vessels that have hauled or stored H2S liquids and or products must be H2S decontaminated before allowing storage or hauling of sweet materials. Companies like Clean Harbours are adding AES H2S Neutralizer to the steam make up water before steaming trucks, tanks or vessels contaminated with H2S. With raw steam they would have to steam 24-48 hours in many cases to get the H2S to O PPM. When they add AES H2S Neutralizer to the makeup water and produce steam and fill the tank cavity with AES steam the job usually only takes two hours.

9) SAGD steam projects: We at AES firmly believe if AES H2S Neutralizer were to be added to SAGD make up water or if AES Neutralizer were injected into the Steam being pumped into the OIL Sand Formations H2S would be eliminated as it was being formed. Plus AES Neutralizer has been third party lab tested and proven to have a biocide effect and Kills the bacteria that H2S originates from. This effect is accomplished with a ratio of 1 to 2000. These test results are available upon request.

10) Drill Fluid Additive: AES H2S neutralizer can be added to Drill Fluids to protect down hole tools, coil tubing, or mud motors against the corrosive effects of H2S.

11) H2S Scrubbers: AES H2S Neutralizer can be used in H2S truck scrubbers, liquid H2S scrubbers or tower scrubbers.

12) Water Flood Projects: AES H2S Neutralizer is an ideal additive for oil and gas field water flood injection programs because it is both an H2S Neutralizer and a Biocide that kills the Bacteria H2S originates from.

13) Plant Shut Down Circulation Additive: AES H2S Neutralizer can be added to fluid that is circulated through plant piping, vessels, tanks etc. for H2S decontamination before a planned shutdown.