AES H2S Neutralizer Features & Benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits of the AES H2S Neutralizer product:

  • Has no flash point and a freeze point in excess of minus 40°C.
  • Biodegradable, fast acting and has virtually no odor.
  • Cost effective and an extremely efficient H2S neutralizer.
  • Can be diluted with water, methanol, glycols or mixtures of same.
  • AES H2S Neutralizer is a new, patent pending, user friendly product.
  • Contains NO formaldehyde.
  • Independent third party lab testing confirms AES H2S Neutralizer kills the bacteria from which H2S grows.
  • Can be added to make up water for producing steam and the produced steam will effectively eliminate H2S from tank atmospheres or other atmospheres to which the steam is introduced.
  • Can be added to sewage effluent, RV holding tanks or camp trailer holding tanks and is effective in reducing odors and H2S build ups.
  • Has been temperature tested in the lab at 410°F, at 60 PSI, for 16 hours and showed no signs of degradation or solid precipitates forming.
  • AES H2S Neutralizer was subjected to testing by one of Canada's largest drill fluid suppliers and their finding: Quote: "Your fluid did not negatively affect the properties of our Gel-Chem Mud."
  • A unique ability to become extremely particularized and disperse through oils neutralizing the H2S and then reconstituting itself, settling and forming a layer with any water below the oil because of its water soluble qualities.
  • A concentrated H2S Neutralizer that reacts with H2S and Mercaptans and is most effective when used in liquids. One litre of AES H2S Neutralizer will remove 1 PPM of H2S in 3,000,000 of liquid, or 3000 PPM of H2S in 1000 litres of liquid (1 cubic metre). One litre of AES H2S Neutraliser will remove between 0.2 kg to 1 kg or H2S (1 gallon of Neutralizer will remove 1.67 lbs to 7.6 lbs or H2S).
  • Many of the effective competitor H2S reducing products available today contain formaldehydes, which are known to be carcinogenic. The odors are so extreme that any clothing, gloves or footwear that comes in contact with these products has to be burnt or disposed of. If these products get on your skin, the odor is so bad that you will certainly not be allowed in public places. The odor becomes more extenuated the warmer the conditions. AES H2S Neutralizer is not a known carcinogen and has virtually no odor, making it a user friendly and much preferred product.