pumpjack.jpgAES H2S Neutralizer / Scavenger

Neutralize H2S in Your Oil & Gas Wells!

AES H2S Neutralizer is a cost effective, user friendly H2S Neutralizer for use in liquids, gasses, tank atmospheres, pipelines, flow liners, storage tanks, tank trucks, vacuum trucks and geological formations.

AES H2S Neutralizer is not a Triazine product and contains no Formaldehyde. Triazine products can contain up to 37% Formaldehyde. The local exposure limits for Formaldehyde is only 1PPM. A worker can be exposed to 10 times more H2S then Formaldehyde. Please be advised it could be very dangerous to a workers health to attempt to produce steam with a product containing Formaldehyde where any worker exposure is possible.

Can be used Full Strength, Diluted in Water, Diluted in Methanol and also applied with Steam.

Unique & Different: AES H2S Neutralizer & Steam 

AES H2S Neutralizer is the only H2S scavenger that can be applied with steam without breaking down. Steam with AES H2S Neutralizer added to the water creates an environment that enables the NEUTRALIZER to make contact with the H2S and neutralizing it. Steam efficiently fills the cavity, big or small, and allows the AES H2S Neutralizer to be carried to the H2S for elimination.

Applying the neutralizer in steam has been used to eliminate H2S in contaminated vessels from 10PPM H2S to 350,000 PPM H2S.


Case Study

A large oilfield service company and AES customer has been using AES H2S NEUTRALIZER as an additive to steam make up water for three years. They say that AES H2S Neutralizer is the only H2S scavenging product they have found that does not break down under the pressure and heat when making STEAM.

AES H2S Neutralizer is used in making steam and eliminating H2S in tank trucks, oil field storage tanks, pipe, vessels or other large H2S contaminated containers. When neutralizing H2S in tanker trucks they would sometimes have to steam for 24-48 hours to eliminate the H2S contamination. When they add AES H2S Neutralizer to the steam make up water the job can be completed in 2 hours. 

The company noted that AES H2S Neutralizer is the only product they have found that does not break down and or fowl up their equipment when producing steam.


Available in Totes, Pails and Drums

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Can be used in:

- Liquids
- Gasses
- Tank Atmospheres
- Pipelines
- Flow Liners
- Storage Tanks

- Marine Storage Tanks
- Refinery Storage Tanks
- Tank Trucks
- Vacuum Trucks
- Sour Oil and Gas Wells
- Geological Formations

New Product - U.S. Patented

Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome. Please contact us for more information.


Dealer Inquiries Welcome - Contact Us

If you would like more information about this product, please contact us.